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《Index report of China green development in 2013》are published

Index report of China green development in 2013is currently issued in Beijing.Haikouand Shenzhen are in the test among 100 cities.

 The report is issued by Chinese economic prosperity monitor center of state statistical bureauresearch base of outlook on scientific development and economic sustainable development in Beijing Normal Universityresearch base green economy in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. The report shows the index about 30 provinces (districts/municipalities)and 100 cities. According to the index, it has introduced green examination tablespublic satisfaction   questionnaire of city green development.

  The result shows top 10 cities in 30 provinces about green development level: BeijingQinghaiHainanShanghaiZhejiangTianjinFujianInner MongoliaJiangsu and Shanxi.17provinces are below the level, the east and west provinces have more advantages, but central provinces are less, North areas are in the further improving.

  The study of green development index including 3 categories: the green degree of economic growthresource and environment carry capacitysupport of government policy. Among these, they are also divided into 57 categories like energy consumption of total output value per unit/carbon emissions per capita/treatment rate of urban sewage/forest coverage rate.

  The top 10 cities in the green development level among 100 cities are these: HaikouShenzhenKaramayWuxiYantaiQingdaoGanjiangYantaiBeijing and Weifang.59 cities are below the level, advantages in the east cities are more obvious, the central cities are good, west cities are the same with the west.The northeast cities are lagging behind relatively.

  Index report of China green development in 2013are published since 2010.This is the 4th year issuing the report.

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