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Plate exchanger is an equipment with high efficiency and compact structure. The successful development of continuous low temperature sterilization traces back to 1980s.It has been applied in food industry since 1920s.As the plate heat exchanger has its unique quality in manufacture and application, it’s been widely used in industrial areas, such as oilchemical industrylight industrypowermetallurgymachinery and energy, becoming the most competitive one in the exchanger types.
   The heat exchanger is an indispensable equipment in the refrigeration technology. The heat exchangers like condenser
evaporatorregenerator and central cooler are above 50% of overall refrigerating system not only on weightvolumemetal consumption, but will also bring important influence to refrigerator performance. So strengthening heat passagereducing weight and volumecutting down metal consumption has always been the development direction in refrigeration technology. Now, it appears a newall-welded plate heat exchanger with strong development potential. Comparing with shell and tube heat exchanger for refrigeration, plate heat exchanger for refrigeration not only has the usual characteristics the plate exchanger have, but also have the advantages below: Low refrigerant charge is better for environment protection and cutting down running cost. But the volume of shell and tube side of shell and tube heat exchanger is large, it has to put large amount of cryogen and probably causes environment pollution. The small volume and distance of plate exchanger gives low possibility of freezing and high capability of frost resistance. High speed turbulent are formed in the plate exchanger with low water velocity, uniform temperature distribution reducing freezing possibility. Even if it’s been frozen, pressure caused by freezing can be endured and keep on running when shell and tube heat exchanger can easily be burst. So, in most cases, there is no need to install gas-liquid separator in the refrigeration system. The installation is simple and convenient for its modular. Cost could be saved and reduced in maintenance and transportation.

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