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Dear customer, First of all, thank you very much, use Nanjing Bei Te Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. products, in order to better protect your interests, please read these terms carefully. Our company according to the relevant provisions of the country, the company's products provide "one-year warranty" after-sales service.
My company to provide you with the specific measures are:
1, the shelf life of 12 months from the date of supply and marketing of equipment, the warranty period of non-buyer of equipment damage caused by the economic loss borne by us.
2, If you want to factory training, our free training center in our operation and maintenance training to ensure that operators are proficient in equipment performance, and independent operation of equipment.
3, in the instrument failure, we received a notice within 12 hours to give treatment options, such as return to factory repair or exchange, three working days to solve the problem.
4, the system equipment failure, we received a notice within 12 hours to give treatment program, rushed to the scene within 72 hours to solve the problem; if there is an emergency, the supplier must be notified in the fastest way Arrived at the scene to solve the problem.
Please note that the following are not part of the scope of free services:
1) failure to use the product specification, maintenance, storage and cause damage;
2) privately to the product transformation, disassembly or maintenance and the occurrence of the failure;
3) improper operation and other man-made causes of physical damage or changes in external conditions and the occurrence of the failure, such as high voltage, plus a strong, high-altitude drop, water, circuit board damage;
5) beyond the warranty period.
1) If the content of this article and national laws and regulations in conflict, according to national laws and regulations;
2) The revision of this provision, the interpretation of Nanjing Beit Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. all.
3) When signing the contract, according to the contract commitments.
If in doubt, please contact: Hu Bing 13814162585

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